Fraud Prevention

Unfortunately, we are immersed in a time where frauds and scams can be found in any type of activity through electronic, telephone and similar scam attempts, which the clients of savings plans are also exposed to.

Associates to CAPA are highly committed to avoiding any type of scheme against our Prospects and Adherents.

To avoid frauds and take care of personal information, we suggest following these safety tips:

  • Do not provide personal information, including bank account or card details, to people who do not belong to a Car Dealer or Official Agent of each Automotive Terminal Network.
  • The Administrators commercialize their Savings Plan through the Official Network of Car Dealers or Agents of the Automotive Terminal. The contact details of their Official Network can be found on the website of each of them.
  • Verify that the accounts, from which the posts or promotions come, are official accounts.
  • Use the means of contact and information found on each of the Administrators’ websites directly.
  • No Administrator will require payments to personal accounts. Special attention must be paid to the recipient bank accounts of the funds when the payments are made, making sure that they belong to the Administrative Societies.
  • Cash payments will never be requested. Collections will not be carried out in domiciles, either.
  • The accepted payment methods are described on the respective webpages of each Administrator.
  • The Car Dealers and Official Agents are only authorized to charge the adhesion instalment and, in that case, the Awarding Right (verify on the Administrator’s webpage).
  • Our section of frequently asked questions is available for any doubt related to the Plan.
  • Should there be more doubts, it is recommended to call each Administrator’s Service Desk or communicate via email. The contact methods can be found on this page.
  • Digital sales are only carried out through the official website of each Administrator of each official automotive brand.
  • Before assigning the Plan, consult the amount of the raised savings to negotiate it in a convenient way.

Calls from the Automotive Terminals or the Administrators under the denominations ‘Head Office’, ‘Factory’ or other false ones to offer a plan or manage a payment related to it are not made.

The following denominations or Plans do not exist: ‘Government Plan’, ‘Teacher Plan’, ‘Retired Plan’, ‘Official Plan’, ‘Low Instalment Plan’, ‘Direct from the Terminal Plan’ and any other with similar denominations.

If you have been victim of a scam it is recommended to file the appropriate criminal charge.

Each Administrator will provide the requested information or documentation to the Body that carries out the investigation and eventually, can, according to criterion and circumstances, intervene in some other way in the same charge or in other related ones.

Keeping information safe. Bewaring of online scams. Verifying the identity of the person who
contacts you.

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