AutoShow 2015

The VII International Motor Show

The International motor show of Buenos Aires regained the usual achievements. The 7º edition of this exhibition which took place from 18 to 28 June 2015 brought half a million people, 55 new models for the local and regional market, two world premiers and one leading brand group.

For carrying out this exhibition, the 11 argentine automotive terminals grouped in the Association of Automotive Makers (ADEFA), together with importers and suppliers of equipment and services, worked as they have always being doing: with the local majority, but drawing on the experience and the know-how of AMC Promotions, which is responsible for one of the main exhibitions in the world: the Mondial de l´Automobile de París.

Data 2015

Visitors: 458.008
Exhibitors: 135
Accredited Press: 2.509
Off Road Track Participants: 9.426
Exhibited Vehicles: 270
New Models: 55
Indoor Gross Area: 35.820 square meters
Net Area (stands): 22.974,5 square meters
Outside Gross Area: 8.000 square meters
Facebook Followers: 106.760
Twitter Followers: 10.800

In its seventh edition, the auto show listed in the calendar of the International Organization Of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA), was supported by different entities from the National, from the Provincial and from the city of Buenos Aires governments and the recognition from the Argentinean Ministry of Tourism, which declared it of tourist interest for the spreading and promotion of our country.

The exhibition of the automotive industry offered, among other attractions, the opportunity to experience a unique moment on the outdoor Off Road track, which had in the last two days, the rain as an ingredient that made it more exciting; in addition to the exhibition of classic cars, national sports cars, historic racing cars, Hot Rods.

One of the highlighted attractions which presented this seventh Auto Show was an unprecedented tribute to Juan Manuel Fangio, after 104 years of his birth, which was located in the Blue Pavilion and which moved thousands of visitors.

The family of the five-time world champion exhibited models that Fangio used during his successful sportive career and which today are on exhibition in his museum. The Mercedes Benz 300SL coupé roadster of 1958; the Maserati 250F, with which he obtained his fifth world championship in the Nürburgring Grand Prix; the Chevrolet 1940, with which he won the North International Grand Prix (Gran Premio Internacional Del Norte); and the almost unknown Simca Gordini of 1958, in which “el Chueco” raced through the woods in the park of Palermo and Rosario were there.

The Auto Show together with civil associations and public and private entities carried out several activities with the aim of spreading and installing the road safety and the knowledge of the standards. This was done through the Road Safety Education track for children, simulation games for young people and the delivery of informative and educational material.