Auto Industry Book

Coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Association of Automobile Manufacturers (ADEFA), the eleven automobile terminals that make the company decided to publish and share a book in which recount the history of the automotive industry.

The book “the automotive industry in Argentina” It was also edited to leave your testimony and express their adhesion to the Bicentennial of the May Revolution of 1810. In the year that the celebration we whittled our origins as a nation, this volume is reflected in the industry's history.

Our history from its artisan beginnings, through the first expansion that began the middle of last century and the history of each brand starting with their countries of origin and all his career in Argentina, until our days when our sector ranks as one of the main pillars of the country's industrial complex and a weight in exports.

History of the Automotive Industry in Argentina "- first edition-is a volume of 232 pages, the result of research and journalistic structures, divided into eleven chapters in the prologue ensures that found" a million reasons "for editing, just count the thousands of Argentines who worked and are working in the industry, the millions who were and are owner of a car or who also profess a love for motorsports. To all of them, and mainly to the pioneers, this book also aims to express appreciation and pay tribute here we share.

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